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This smallcase is an intelligent basket of stocks handpicked by Candor Investing.

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Amey Kulkarni

SEBI Registered



14+ years

Investment Strategy


Growth +1

Amey is a full-time investor and founder of Candor Investing - a SEBI registered investment advisory


Amey invests in companies that do not require external capital, have the ability to grow for a long period of time and are run by honest and hungry management.

The only defense against market volatility and high valuations is the ability of the portfolio company to grow fast.

At Candor Investing, this is exactly our philosophy behind choosing the stocks that go into the Candor Investing portfolio.


Before turning a full-time investor, Amey has worked for 9+ years in corporates like L&T, Jindal Steel and Siemens Ltd.

Amey is an electrical engineer and is an MDI Gurgaon alumnus.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the products offered?
Candor Investing - Model Portfolio
What is their investment philosophy?
We are bottom-up fundamental investors adhering to the value investing philosophy as practiced by Philip Fisher, Warren Buffet, Prem Watsa and other stalwarts., We use the fundamental research approach to carefully identify businesses which are fundamentally strong, have a long operating history and have bright prospects to grow in the future. , We live by a simple principle when it comes to stock market investing, “When profits of the company go up, stock prices go up and vice versa”, Our Investment Philosophy, “Buy quality businesses at reasonable valuations and hold till the company executes.”, What is a quality business?, Business has a competitive advantage – a moat, Consistent high Return on Equity & Return on Capital Employed, Low / No Debt, Honest Management, sense of stewardship, Portfolio Composition, We do not categorize our investments into small/mid/large cap stocks. but buy businesses that have a demonstrated superior execution capability in the past, hold promise for the future and are available at cheap enough valuations., Our model portfolio typically consists of 8-10 high quality businesses., The average market-capitalization of our model portfolio is Rs 7,000 Cr.
Who should invest in the Candor Investing smallcase?
You are a long-term investor with a time horizon of 5+ years, You want to get rich, but slowly - with patience and perseverance, You want to compound your wealth through owning quality Indian businesses,
What returns can I expect if I invest in Candor Investing smallcase?
You can expect to make a return of 2 times the nominal GDP (ie GDP growth + inflation) on a compounded basis over 3 to 5 yrs, You may expect to double your money in 5 years (15% CAGR), When investing in equities, we want to keep our expectations conservative so that we do not take avoidable risks which could result in severe losses., Our motto is good returns with low/moderate risk., Do checkout our audited performance at
Should I do a SIP or lumpsum in the Candor Investing smallcase?
In situations like those happened in Mar-20 or the global financial crisis of 2008, it makes immense sense to put lumpsum money.
At all other times, investors keep going wrong in trying to predict whether the market will fall or rise.
SIP is a disciplined way to remove the human error in trying to predict the future., Additionally, for salaried people, they earn monthly and save monthly, so it makes a lot of sense to invest monthly., And hence, we investors to do a SIP in the Candor Investing smallcase.
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